Liz Miller

Interdisciplinary systems thinker bridging science and practice to tackle wicked sustainability problems

About me

Hi! I'm Liz. I've had a winding path through film and communications to consulting and academia, all driven by a few key questions: How can we reconcile our material needs with ecological limits? What new systems can help us do that?My research and consulting work aims to find new ways of seeing – through new methods, new applications of theories, and crossing disciplinary boundaries – to help answer these questions.I believe that to tackle the massive sustainability challenges we face, we ultimately need to zoom out to understand the broader dynamics of the complex systems in which we live.

Recent projects

I've been exploring how we can meet material needs within ecological limits through a variety of projects, in my doctoral work and beyond. Here are a few examples:New material ecosystems: collecting data on circular and bio-based textile ecosystems in Finland
Qualitative system dynamics: adapting methodology for linking organizations and the environment through qualitative system mapping
Circular supply systems: published a book chapter on information and emergence in circular supply systems
Problematizing the circular economy concept: collaborated on a research paper analyzing and rethinking the assumptions of circular economy
Sustainable business MOOC: co-developed a self-paced, online course introducing sustainability in business
Collaborating across disciplines: coordinated a workshop series bridging circular economy technology and business
Sustainability consulting: co-founded the Helsinki-based sustainability consultancy Pure Growth

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