Here's what a few colleagues have said about working with me:


"In three words, Liz is amazing. Highly organized and detail-oriented, she is ready for any project and up for any challenge. The fact that she is also a creative thinker, fantastic filmmaker, and super handy with Photoshop makes her a unique and valuable asset. I hope to work with her again someday, though it's much more likely that I'll end up working FOR her..."

-Ryan Kilpatrick, former Communications Director at the Center for Neighborhood Technology

"Liz Miller thinks big, makes connections, creates strategic approaches and streamlines communications with innovative ideas. You can count on her to deliver. Liz is the person you want on your team."

-Bill McDowell, Communication Chair at Citizens' Greener Evanston

"Working on the Livability Means campaign for Citizens for Greener Evanston with Liz was a fantastic experience. She has a great eye for design that allowed us to create visuals that resonated with the Evanston community. She is full of great ideas and her time management skills kept us on track during the entire timeline of the project. Additionally she is fun, easy to work with, and was a huge asset to our team."

-Robin Saywitz, teammate at Citizens' Greener Evanston

"Liz did a fantastic job as Design for America's Media Intern. She was professional and on time with her work where she wrote several articles for our blog and most importantly - created our intro video which now sits on our website. She did a great job editing our footage to tell a compelling story and was willing to work with us to adapt/iterate to meet our needs. As a starting out filmmaker, we think she has great potential."

-Sami Nerenberg, former Associate Director at Design for America

"Liz took the initiative to offer her creative talents to help produce, direct and create a documentary film about our emerging non profit community group, Evanston Neighbors United, and our first initiative, Dump the Dump.

Liz was professional in every aspect of the work including doing the research and overcoming the challenges of scheduling appointments with interviewees who were difficult to track down. She created the animation, for the film and is also working on our website.

She has excellent communication skills, with or without the camera in front of her. I am confident that, in any setting, she would demonstrate the same professionalism, creativity and dedication to hard work that I observed working with her at Evanston Neighbors United."

-Cindy Levitt, Evanston Neighbors United

You can read more on LinkedIn. If you're already interested...