Let's build something!


Welcome! I'm Liz. I grew up in a little town nestled among the forests and farmlands of central Wisconsin. Armed with a degree in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University, I now help organizations tell their stories through writing, multimedia, and design. Some highlights include helping redesign the Center for Neighborhood Technology's website, creating a promo video for Design for America, and developing a campaign for Citizens' Greener Evanston's climate work. I also spend a lot of time doing the dirty work of copy editing, which I love (#GrammarNerd).

When I'm not making media, I'm usually either dancing flamenco (much to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbors...), trying to teach myself a language that I'll probably never use, or tinkering around in 3D printing software.


I believe (strongly) that the quality of communications can single-handedly make or break a company's credibility. Polished writing, beautiful videos, and well designed documents can elevate your work to new heights. I can help you develop informative, engaging materials that you'll be proud to share with your audiences.

My toolkit