Communication Design

I believe that the best ideas mean nothing without clear, engaging communication.


Website content

One of my biggest projects with the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) was working with a small team to rebuild the website from scratch. CNT is an urban sustainability think tank, so the concepts we were communicating were often dense and complex. Our vision was to make the website highly visual so our ideas would be easier to understand. I was responsible for developing all of the content and working with our web developer and graphic designer to optimize the user experience. Best of all, I got to film and edit the videos that are featured on the homepage.


Educational campaigns

When the City of Evanston met its greenhouse gas reduction goal in 2012, they immediately set an even more ambitious target. At the same time, city officials were working to make Evanston the most livable city in America. Citizens' Greener Evanston hired me to develop a campaign to educate Evanston residents about how they could help reduce their emissions through transportation change and building efficiency. The result was livability means:, a campaign that created a new lexicon connecting Evanston's sustainability and livability goals.



I've put my film degree to use making videos for classes and for clients. Most recently, I made the background video played on the massive screens at the Center for Neighborhood Technology's high-tech summer benefit.


Presentation design

During my time at CNT, the communications team redesigned all of our materials to make them more visual and engaging. When I came on board, one of my first priorities was remaking the organization's PowerPoint template. The old one was dated, text-heavy, and difficult to make engaging. A few months after I started, our CEO asked me to make her a PowerPoint for a board meeting, and I was given creative license to use whatever aesthetic I wanted. The presentation was image heavy and made generous use of negative space around important statements. Our graphic designer later used that presentation as a prototype for a new template, and together we held training sessions to teach the staff how to use it.